Sinclair Strategies is a full-service strategic consulting company and direct mail firm serving progressive
candidates, campaigns and coalitions, as well as a wide range of nonpartisan clients.

Strategic Consulting

Our team works with campaigns to create a roadmap to victory tailored to each client.
From direct mail to new media to field support, Sinclair Strategies brings our decades of experience
to help campaigns choose the tools to succeed at every level.

Direct Mail

Sinclair Strategies produces creative and effective direct mail that helps our clients win
hard-fought campaigns. We use state-of-the-art targeting to ensure the right voters are receiving
the right message, while providing efficiency for our clients.

Digital Advertising

Working with strategic partners, Sinclair Strategies guides campaigns on the best online
advertising tools available. Sinclair Strategies uses in-depth knowledge of targeting to ensure that every campaign can find
the nexus between limited resources and broadest online reach.